Water to Ice

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  1. I'm trying to make a pool on my res and my water keeps turning into ice. I was able to lay water on another part of my res by placing torches around it. Is the town set to snow/ice mode?
  2. It is biomes, unfortunately we cant change the biomes (yet). That area just happens to be in a biome where water turns to ice.
  3. I had that issue on my old lot, had to have torches near the source blocks. You could either try to move into a different biome or just use torches to deal with it
  4. You can also place jackolanterns or glowstone on the bottom to keep some from freezing too.
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  5. Thanks guys. I will just have to get creative.
  6. also water will not freeze if there are tiles at any height over them. all you have to do is put some glass high or at max elevation over them and they will stop freezing, but you still get light to pass down.
  7. Wow awesome I didn't know this!
  8. Well I was just informed by crazy that this doesn't work in town for him. Even in his underground cave his ice still freezes. I was speaking from experience on my home server, where we have about a 3000 tile each direction artic/tundra biome that we spawned right in the center of. my son and I have build a TON of outdoor pumpkin patches and all we did to stop freeze on them was put cobble about 8 tiles above the water areas, I was curious so I tested at max height and it had the same effect. I am gonna try and find a winter plot on smp2 and see if I can get it to work there, and check out outpost north on smp3 and see if it works there. If under tile freezing is specific to town I will get back to you, if it's specific to EMC I will get back to you also (since I run vanilla at home) I know it was coded this way to stop underground ponds and rivers from freezing, which would be unrealistic.
  9. I was able to get my water on smp2 from freezing using two methods

    1. A light block 12 or higher next to the water. I used torches,
    2. Covering it from the open sky. I think I am about 4 blocks up from the surface from the water.

    @AndrewBuchinger I am at 3666 on smp2 if you are looking for a freezing biome area.