Water over Y-lvl 128

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Chrumbumbel, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. i wanted to flood my roof of the residence with water, it worked of course, but there's something weired...
    When i place water under Y-lvl 128, it doesn't flow out of the res, but over 128, it does. is this a bug by mojang, or is it possible to fix it here by one of the admins?
    posting an image doesn't work somehof, what i mean can be seen on smp2 at my res, its 3392
  2. Your photo does not work...
    However, what you are dealing with is that 128+ is permitted to build over the roads to allow "bridges" to neighboring residences where there is a 2 wide road between residences. You will need to place a perimeter wall outside the residence to avoid water overflow...
  3. a perimeter wall? is that a special thing or do i just have to build a simple wall? i did not know that building bridges on that high is possible :D
  4. Perimeter Wall
    Perimeter walls are the outermost walls of a building in a lower-density district that enclose floor area and rise from the base plane to a specified maximum height. -- NYC Zoning - Glossary

    Basically, it surrounds the property at the outermost point and goes to a specified height. In Minecraft, and EMC especially, this would apply to Y: 128+, 61x61 would need to be a 1 block high wall to contain your water flow from falling into public domain.