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  1. In this Business I started I will fix any flowing water problems like in any water source (pond and lake .etc). If you already know how to fix big flowing water problems then good for you, if you don't know how to fix those or you don't fell like doing it tell me what SMP and what lot number you have and I will help you

    * I will only bring my own stack of dirt to fix it if its on SMP4 if its not onSMP4 THEN YOU HAVE TO PROVIDE A STACK OF DIRT
    * if I need a bucket of water you will have to supplie it
    * I will do it for pay depending how big it is so I will decide the price when I see the problem
    * I will except items as pay
    * If the area I need to fix is small then I'll do it for free
    * If you want to ask me a question in private go to SMP4 and Private message me
    *The command for private messaging me is /tell Juke7 (Message)