Water Drainer Needed

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  1. Hi guys,

    Just wondering if anyone would be available to drain the water above an ocean monument near to my outpost in the East Wild on SMP9. I have already killed the guardians and drained the INSIDE of the monument but need someone to drain the water above, and of course, leave a glass wall around the perimeter. Only thing is, my funds are limited so would have to open it up to bids. I also wouldn't be able to provide materials, except for the glass for the perimeter wall and some sponges, so you'd have to have your own sand.

    So, is anyone available to do this service, and how much do you want for it?


    ps. one side of the perimeter wall is already filled with sand
  2. Literally the worst job ever. I don't think there's a dollar figure that would be enough for me to do this job yet again.. but if there was it would be 1.3mil.
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  3. Haha, thanks for your honesty. I know what you mean, that's why I'm trying to outsource the job!
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  4. i want to do this very bad