Watch Out - weDownload Virus

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  1. There is a virus going around called weDownload. weDownload passes its self off as a service that helps you download stuff faster than normal, but it actually has nothing to do with that. weDownload is actually a virus that can create ads that can bog down your internet and your computer, and weDownload can steal personal information, such as passwords and bank account information. weDownload will then distribute your information to people on the internet. I only found out about weDownload earlier today, but I found out I got the virus yesterday.

    Ways you can tell it's there:
    • Your computer starts to get slowed down
    • Web browsers such as FireFox, Chrome, and the Internet Explorer start to crash
    • Green arrows like this WeDownload.png start to appear on your browsers
    • You get a lot more popups
    I have no idea how to prevent this from getting on your computer, though. This virus can get on your computer when you download a free program. It can get on your computer, whether you know it gets downloaded or not.
    I just wanted to make sure you all knew about this virus, so you can avoid stuff like this in the future. I haven't figured out how to get rid of weDownload yet, but if I do, I'll post how to on this thread so you know how if you ever get it.
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  2. Thanks for the heads up jay =)
  3. Thanks for the heads-up! :D
  4. weDownload sounds a lot like other annoying tripe you get if you just spam the "next" button on an installer. Remember: Free downloads get their money by forcing you to download a sponsor's junk. To solve this, always *look* at what you're installing before you install it. Install as "advanced" every time, use "custom" settings and the like.

    As for getting rid of this, just look in your program files and delete anything you don't recognize. If that sounds dubious, which it would be if you don't keep tabs on everything, look through the tabs of task manager to find whatever's wrong.

    I'd give you a more detailed explanation of how to get rid of this junk but it never happens to me so I'm not an expert. Just look for the process which is running it, open file location, and delete the *entire* folder from your computer. Then empty your recycle bin. If it tries to stop you from deleting it because it's running, find out where it's running and kill it.
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  5. I always look before I download, since this isn't the first time I've gotten a virus from downloading something.
  6. It is not actually a virus, it is adware. Adware is generally, like 1080 said, installed because of people not checking what they are installing. It is more of a pain in the bum than malicious.
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