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  1. Anyone hear play Watch Dogs on the PC?
    Feeling kinda lonely here xD
  2. I've been considering buying it for my PC, although the steam reviews are pretty negative. Would you recommend it?
  3. Personally I would, as the Steam reviews are mainly people pissed at uPlay. I bought the physical copy so I don't give a flying flup.
  4. I don't always take the steam reviews seriously myself either. They are usually people QQing over something stupid and they don't really focus on whether or not the game is actually any good.
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  5. Oh I'm not putting tons of faith into the Steam reviews either. I watched some gameplay videos, read some stuff about it, and don't think I'm going to buy it unless it goes on sale sometime in the future. Hope you enjoy it!
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  6. I'm eventually gonna get it.... I think..... Maybe tomorrow or the day after... or next year.... or never. Nah! I'll get it next week (If I can afford it, that is!).
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  7. AMD or Nvidia? If AMD, don't even consider getting the game. Apparently Ubisoft only has one testing setup. Also, there are supposedly incredibly bad audio issues.
  8. I haven't had too many issues with audio.
  9. Nvidia GTX 760. I could probably play fine, but I don't really want the game bad enough to risk it.
  10. Ignore them :p Its mostly people annoyed at UPlay. Although from what i've heard keyboard and mouse controls are very finnicky and you'll need a 360 controller. I have the game for PS3 and i've had an amazing time so far :3 The only bad thing is the police have no boats... so just go to the nearest river, kill the rider of a boat, steal it and you'll never be found.
  11. I also have a huge problem with finding online games.
  12. On PS3, there's quite a few, but you can never connect to them :(
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  13. I got it for the PC yesterday.. I love it ! :D
    I'm playing on high cause i'm afraid ultra will be laggy :(
  14. What's your uPlay thingy?
  15. My name?