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  1. How often do the wastelands reset? Thanks :D
  2. With every update normally.
  3. Like every month i think.
  4. Every Minecraft update that changes world generation. They will be reset with 1.7, as canyons are now confirmed.
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  5. Confirmed? when?
  6. I think Jeb tweeted a photo. It had mineshafts and clay. I'll see if I can find the video.
  7. Please do :)
  8. That's the photo I made a thread about...
    Not confirmed as a canyon biome yet though.
  9. "yes, minecraft will have disco mountains soon, *link*"
  10. I just mean they weren't specifically named as canyons, we don't know what they are yet.
  11. The canyon biome does look cool! But it's something we all don't truly know what it is just yet. We can wait for the next update for it probably. :)
  12. Chickeneer said that the wastelands reguarly get reset every month.
  13. I believe that the wastelands are reset every update, because it was about 2 months until the wastelands were reset on smp1. I don't know when they are reset, all I know is that I go there and get stuff. :p
  14. that's why I said regularly I was on one thread and someone asked the dame question and he said my mistake that the yellow barrier near spawn inside the wastelands regularly gets reset every month.
  15. I think you mean the yellow barrier near the spawn inside the wild frontier. The wastelands I think does get reset each update.
  16. It might be frontier idk its been a while since i looked at the post.
  17. Yes, it's the frontier, because there is a yellow box with the spawn inside that gets reset each month, I think. With the wastelands, there is not a yellow box, which means the entire wastelands gets reset each update. The wastelands was reset when 1.6 came out. The next update, I think the wastelands will get reset again.
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  18. lol oh joy ! just watch and see hard clay drop in rupees D:
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