Wastelands after 1.6.2 update

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  1. So I was sleeping when they did the update, I woke up and was so happy that the update had came. Logged in, immediately hit the wastelands with a stick.. Only to find absolutely nothing. 99% of the horses were gone so I was forced to buy one lol. Sucks..

    The good part is, you can now walk 5 blocks in the waste without falling into a giant hole! Woohoo! (Give it 2 days then we'll see)
  2. Same thing happened to me was wondering around for more than an hour, din't find any horse's.

    I did find a mini zombie! And that you can only travel 4k blocks from the center spawn then you hit an invisible wall that has a good chance of trapping you in it :confused:
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  3. Samsimx probably got them all. I think he was trying to sell a dc or 2 of horse eggs xD
  4. How often do wastelands get reset
  5. Anytime it's needed, but not too often (like weekly). It normally gets reset when their is a major update that adds features into the game (such as horses or ores) so players can find them easily.
  6. The wastelands reset when EMC updates to a newer minecraft version which includes new resources such as a new ore/animal. It also may reset if they are extremely 'wasted'. (Almost all chunks are in terrible condition and there is not much to go there for)
  7. I think you were just a bit unlucky. I found a few (4) horses after walking around for about 20 minutes. Here's a tip: They don't spawn in deserts, forests or snow biomes, I'd suggest looking for them in the plains.
    They get reset every update.
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  8. You were probably looking earlier than me, though. I woke up 4:30 ago. (9:00 EDT) I was ONLY looking the plains for them and found absolutely nothing.
  9. I have 5 donkeys (One which I just bred) and 12 horses (One of which being Valens), all imported from way out in the Utopian Frontier, way past one of my cities.. xD