wasteland spawn sugestions

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  1. this is just about the stairs that come down from the spawn building

    1. removing trees to reach the ground
    2. if it hits water it will bridge out until it hits land
  2. Oh, if it's possible, sure.
    But Aikar had enough work getting to what is now.
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  3. i dont think it would be too hard to do is it?
  4. I think we need to be content taht we even have the Wastelands.
    Aikar worked hard on them and i am sure a lot of others did as well.

    Lets be happy that we have it instead of complaining how it isn't as good as we think it should be.
  5. 1. Continue the stairs down to the ground. If it bothers you that much.
    2. There are boats sold at the wasteland spawn. That is what those are for :p