Wasteland portals

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  1. Well, there broken. All northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest wastelands cannot be accessed unless you goto the Center wasteland. But the funny thing is the "Center" portal takes you to the town sometimes.
    While I'm making this thread, aikar, why did you remove /wastelands command? /wasteland works but /wastelands dosnt.
  2. wasnt an intentional remove.... but odd that they are breaking, that should be fixed now :confused:
  3. The reason is with the addition of the direction shortcut for the wastelands. Before it didn't matter what you typed after you type /waste or /wasteland. Now it looks for certain "arguments" such as North, southwest, etc.
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  4. On the subject of wasteland portals - sometimes when nearer chunks don't render, it's possible to see what looks like an Enchanting Table way under the wasteland portal. What's up with those, and is it possible to get to them?
  5. Yes, I believe it is. I do not remember exactly how though. ( do not take my word on this I am not entirely sure )