Wasteland portal problem

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  1. I have noticed that if I type /wasteland or /wastelands they go to the same place but sometimes some of the portals don't work.
  2. When ever the portals dosnt works just keep typing /waste untill you get to that outpost you wanna go to :D
  3. Here is what I have experienced ...
    When I type /waste I am teleported to one of the 9 Wasteland spawns.
    It is random which of the 9 locations you TP to, and this is by design, so that the center portal is not the only one explored/mined.

    I have noticed that when I arrive at a spawn other than center spawn, that not all water/quartz TP's work.

    My fix is easy, I type /waste, then I go to the center TP, and then all 8 other TP's seem to work just fine.
    Hope this helps.
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  4. There is some weird problem with the code for that but I can't figure it out, reloading the chunks should help, so go into a different portal.
  5. When I go to the Wastelands, I usually have either chosen already what direction I want to go in from Live map or I am returning to a location I've already been.

    To avoid going to a random outpost and having to go back, I have been going to /town first then through the portal there which takes me to center spawn. The portals all work when I do this and I can decide where to go from there.
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  6. That portal isnt suppose to only take you to center spawn...
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  7. I admit that I find it confusing. It may be because all the outposts look the same.

    The other night I went to a random spot and set up to kill some Withers then went back to Town for something I forgot. When I returned I had to go through all of the portals trying to figure out where I had just been. It was worse that I was rushing too because my Reis map wasn't updating immediately and they were all looking the same or different than I expected on Reis until I figured out that I had to wait for it to catch up.

    I just need to train myself to treat it like a parking garage when I use it and remember where I parked before I go through.
  8. When i got to the wastelands Portal area, and go in the portals it teles me back 3 blocks away from the portal.
  9. I think you're probably being teleported to a different outpost - just you don't realise it, since they all look the same. :) A message will appear in chat when you enter a different outpost. :)

    Either that, or you're going through the portal for the outpost you're currently in.
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