Wasteland Nether (No 8x Ratio)

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  1. I was wondering if this was a change in Minecraft that I hadn't heard of or a deliberate difference in EMC. The wasteland moves you by the same ratio (1 meter nether/1 meter overworld). Whereas I am used to (1 meter nether/8 meter overworld). I have often used portals to help with mining. This means that moving resources around takes 8x longer!

    If it was a deliberate change, I wanted to know the rationale behind it.
  2. Well we (me and friends) did this and it was the 8x ratio.
  3. I'm certain that the 8x ratio works in the Wilderness, but I'm not sure about in the Wastelands. I was just about to conduct a test on this actually, so I think that knowing would be helpful.
  4. The wasteland's nether has the same ratio as the overworld. If you place a portal at x,z of 1000,1000 in the wasteland the nether side will be at roughly 1000,1000.

    The frontier keeps the 8:1 ratio.
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  5. OK, thanks, this actually helps me :)
    But for some, it makes far-out wasteland exploration inconvenient.
  6. The wastelands are for strip mining to ones content, while the frontiers are for more permanent things.
  7. Also, the overworld, and I would assume nether as well, are both restricted in size in the wastelands, so you'd never be able to go far enough that 8:1 nether travel would really be necessary.
  8. I did waste about 2 hours of time trying to figure out what was going on/build a nether passage which ended up not working, and ended up leaving my stuff exposed in the wasteland for a few hours that was supposed to be transported in that time. I do recall reading up prior about the new wastelands and not coming across this information. (A search for 'emc wasteland nether ratio' confirms that the only result to come up is this thread.)

    Aside from the lack of documentation about this decision, the ratio is really useful and important in transporting materials back to the spawn point. My current desert mine (the closest untouched desert I have found to the spawn) requires travelling up to 600 blocks/load. Given Steve's walking speed of 4.3m/s, this takes 4:40 both ways. In the nether, this same travel would take 35 seconds. (The results are comparable if you sprint, however Steve often stops sprinting randomly so that can't be depended on.)
  9. the wastelands is tiny, it's only -4000 to 4000, so if the nether was 8:1 you'd only have a short walk to the edge of the world, the nether would have to be -500 by 500 which is way to small, if it was bigger you'd cross back into the wastelands over the edge of the world.

    Wastelands is no good for far out exploration. you can get to the edge in 15 minutes of travel.
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  10. In the first post of the wastelands launch thread:
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