Waste or not

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  1. I spent 3000 rupees building 2 of these automated farms that only give me 2 stacks per harvest (when fully grown)

    you think it was worth it lol?
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  2. Well, yes, over time. Villager trading.
  3. Yup. i agree
  4. You call that a waste? Try burning down a perfectly good NPC village without trading!
  5. i spent 3.4k on a full auto self repairing stone gen. iron blocks....suck..
  6. 2012-08-12_15.49.19.png
    I would say this is more of a waste, 78 sticky pistons, 30 repeaters (may have miscounted xD), stacks of redstone, and my doublechest auction is only at 1.1k right now:p But it was fun to build:)
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  7. It would only be worth it if it automatically harvested it... I recently built a sugarcane farm that gives me like 7 stacks - I just have to do some running around collecting it
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  8. yeah i have 4 farms of sugar can know, it give me 3/4 of a double chest per collection
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  9. I have 2 farms bigger than those, and they only take 45 seconds to harvest without bring automatic. I think that was a waste.
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