WASSUP!!!!!! :P

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  1. Hey guys, scratchminus here! But you can just call me scratch. I've been playing on this server for a few weeks now, and I realized I'd never posted anything on the forums yet. I figured I would go ahead and introduce myself. :p

    Anyways, I enjoy making YouTube videos (I recently created a new channel, after my old one was overrun with inactive subs. :p) and playing Minecraft. I also have a shop on the server that is shown in my sig. I hope to see some of you on the server some day (I'm on server 8, by the way). :D
  2. Cool! Im looking for some high paying jobs, also looking to hire people for high paying jobs, and next on my list is SMP8. Interested?
  3. I need some work to do. I have my lot filled with junk.
    Digging is ma Thang though.
  4. scratch my ........! :D

    Welcome champ.
  5. I don't really use people for jobs very often. I do most stuff myself. I am willing to help out anyone if they need something done (like digging 10 metric crap tons of dirt out from underneath someones plot). :3
  6. WASSUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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