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  1. Hello guys, im just going to let you know what "other games" i like to play on my computer and what my hobbies are, Well of course you know i like minecraft, i like playin league of legends, maplestory and TF2. And my hobbies are, well this is not i would do often and it wouldnt be known as a hobby but i like to hide behind the front door and when my sister who is 16 (im 15 btw) walks through i just scream she runs like a hobo to her room ^_^ which is so funny ^_^ and my other hobby is listening to music on the radio (it might seem boring to you, but to me, i like it) ^_^. And if you know who SMOSH is, do a thumbs up

    Sorry if you didnt get why i put WASSABI as my title its becuase i like anoying orange to ^_^
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  2. Well i hope you enjoy emc or empire minecraft.
  3. I used to scare my mother and sister like that when I used to live with them too LOL!!

    Enjoy your stay at Empire Minecraft! :D
  4. Wasabi is a spicy creamy sorta stuff that us green and usually eaten with sushi.