Was my being kicked legitimate?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Facecomic, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. Hi. At approximately 00:42am GMT, on the 19th November 2012, krsyyjane9191 kicked me on the grounds of abusing the report system. Shortly before the kicking, I had reported MizAction for breaking Commandment Six of the EMC rules board - Thou Shalt be Respectful. MizAction was running in circles around my avatar, jumping up and down and getting close enough that my screen showed only her head's skin. I understand that these actions are not covered by the Commandments on the Empire Guide. However, I believe they were being carried out for so long, and to such an exaggerated extent, that I felt annoyed and violated. Naturally, I reported MizAction, to avoid further debate and keep it quiet, but I was then kicked for abusing the system. I'd like to a) know if this was legitimate on krsyyjane9191's part and b) see punishment if not. Thanks.
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  2. Dude, it was a kick there is no need for a thread.
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  3. Let it go, it's a kick.
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  4. But I didn't see it as a legitimate kick, and I felt offended. If it wasn't legitimate, this person should be punished for abusing the kick power.
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  5. Some moderators are not even this nice, some would give you a temp ban for abuse of the report system.
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  6. This thread has been closed. If you have a problem with my handling of a situation, please address me via pm.

    You stated:
    "I understand that these actions are not covered by the Commandments on the Empire Guide."

    My answer:
    "Then why did you report them"

    In the future, please just /ignore the player or remove move perms from your lot.

    If we banned people for jumping in other player's faces, I guarantee the current activity on EMC would be close to nil.
    Any further threads opened regarding this subject will be closed.
Thread Status:
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