Was I scammed?

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Is this fair?

Yes 1 vote(s) 11.1%
No 8 vote(s) 88.9%
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  1. Today, i decided to visit a players res. When i got there there was a place to jump into. Also a sign saying i advise you not to hit the sign below. The sign below was halfway down so you cant see what is says. Since i am curious, i hit it. This is the message i saw in chat, "You bought 1 dirt from a player for 20000" After you hit it, and you land, there is a sign saying no refunds. The no refunds sign is after the buy sign, about 10 seconds away, and the only way to see it is to jump. Is this fair? I dont think so. Someone please help.
  2. I personally don't think this is at all fair, and that person should have the price listed above, and say "NO REFUNDS" clearly for people to see. Also, take out their name from the thread, it's a bit rude to call them out like it in public, so I'd advise to contact a moderator.
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  3. Thank you. bonzd67 is helping me, so lets see what happends.
  4. This isn't nice, but it's not a scam. There was a sign telling you not to hit the sign, but you did his the sign, and therefore it is your own fault. Now, the moderators might do something, but I don't really see this as something they could punish for.
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  5. what residence is it?
  6. I would personally call this a scam my friend... if it wasnt im sure tons of people would do it.
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  7. 3 people have done it. With no refunds
  8. Yay! its resolved.
    Can a mod close this thread please?
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  9. You might be able to, but I wouldn't because there was a warning not to hit the sign.

    Also, just to note, the staff will not refund you any money, the best they can do is ban the player.
  10. mba. They just refunded it. and the player*isnt banned
    (had to edit from player name to player)
  11. Who refunded you? The staff, or the player?

    What I'm saying is that the staff won't refund it, if they do, then the staff owe people a very, very large amount of money...
  12. The staff told the play to
  13. How is this even possible? How could a pressure plate force you to pay someone rupees?
  14. You might want to re-read the OP, he said it was a sign he clicked on.
  15. Okie dokie.....
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