Warnings and Griefing

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Do you think that the "griefer" is to blame or the accuser is stupid?

The "Griefer" is to blame 2 vote(s) 50.0%
The accuser is stupid 2 vote(s) 50.0%
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  1. I believe that when a warning is given to a player stating "WARNING: You just gave someone build permisions This Means they can do ANYTHING in your residence It is your responsibility when you give this to players" this is only stated to protect my friend from getting banned who was accused of griefing in someone else's property when everyone was given build rights.
  2. The idea behind this is that not a lot of people realize that by giving somebody build permission that you are letting them do whatever they want while you are not around.

    If they are caught violating an EMC commandment, however, they will still be banned. :)
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  3. while the warning is there to protect, greifing is greifing in the Empire, and in no way is it tolerated. It is no different than greifing someone in the wild. It is still against the rules. The warning is simply put in place to alert the player that build perm given could result in loss of items and work that could be lost forever even if a greifer is caught.
  4. then why put a warning that serves no purpose?
  5. It does serve a purpose, as iSmooch pointed out. It serves to warn you that, even if the griefer is banned for breaking the rules, you will still incur some form of loss which could have been avoided if you had heeded the warning. :)
  6. ahh but the warning does not state that the griefer will be banned, only that the owner of the property is responsible for anything done
  7. It doesn't need to tell you they would be banned. It is clearly stated in the EMC guide that griefing is never tolerated. The warning serves to tell you that you are creating the possibility of being griefed by giving someone perms. This means that if someone you give perms to griefs you, then you are partly to blame as you gave them the ability to do so.
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  8. Yes, but the rules state that the griefer will be banned.

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  9. This is an outrage! If a player doesn't have enough common sense to realize that their stuff is going to be stolen if they have an open residence, then that player should not be playing online.
  10. ... if a player does not have the fortitude to behave right and be trusted properly, he doesnt need to be playing on EMC
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  11. Hey, how about this "ammendment"
    Thou shalt not be an asshole
  12. who was that directed to?
  13. It was directed to Crazy1080, no offense to you ISMOOCH
  14. The rules are pretty darn clear about what is acceptable behaviour here.

    And every single Commandment could easily and accurately be retitled, "Thou Shalt Not be an A******". That's what the Commandments are all about actually. It's the rule that includes all the other rules.

    The only reason we even need to write a set of rules with clear descriptions of what they mean is because many people don't get that golden rule that awalacabab so eloquently stated.

    We write the rules and descriptions of what they mean for your benefit... so you can read them and avoid doing stupid things that will get yourself banned... assuming you don't already know better.

    And really, thinking it's ok to do harm to someone because they left themselves open to it shows a distinct misunderstanding for that golden rule.

    Thou Shalt Not be an A******!

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