[WARNING] Recent Minecraft account hackings - migrate your account

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JackBiggin, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. It woulds seem that recently a fair few amount of Minecraft accounts have been hacked. None of our community seems to have been visibly hit, although there's a possibility that this could have affected some of our players. It seems that Mojang's Minecraft.net login system has been having some strange issues allowing people's passwords to be obtained. The start of any incidents involving the hacked accounts seem to have involved griefing on servers, among other things.

    Planet Minecraft's research seems to show that Minecraft.net accounts are vulnerable, while Mojang.com ones are less so. If you currently have a Minecraft.net account (meaning you login to the Minecraft laucher using your username), then it's recommend that you migrate it to a Mojang account (meaning you login with your email). You can do this at https://account.mojang.com/migrate.

    Another tip is to use a different password for everything, as using the same password for everything is never a good idea. If you suspect that you could have been hacked, or want to be extra cautious then change your password on everything!

    While it doesn't track everything, I suggest you use this link to check for any suspicious or strange behavior on your account. It'll check for bans on large servers using an external ban system - so if your account has been involved then chances are, it'll be visible here.

    To recap: while it's unlikely many/any of our community members have been unfortunate enough to be hacked, please take the time to check and to secure your account. It's better to be ready than regretting.

  2. Oh no! I cant migrate mine, I cant remember my email :confused:
  3. It will tell you what email you used when you enter your account name/password at https://account.mojang.com/migrate. You can choose to use another one then if you wish.
  4. Found my email :) But I used a forwarder :( So I dont know which inbox it goes to!
  5. It doesn't matter - that link will allow you to choose a different email to migrate to. :)
  6. But they send instructions to my old email!
  7. Then enjoy the search. :)
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  8. Thanks Jack...
  9. Just realised that SmartDots, dont do email forwarding anymore. So I wont get an email! Im going to cry in a corner. AFK
  10. Make another one.
  11. Another what?
  12. Inbox, you can do that can't you? Or is it a mac only feature?
  13. I can make loads. I have loads. Just the email I want to use (My normal nfell2009) I cant because they send the instructions to a closed email now so then it doesn't get to me. I posted a ticket but they didn't seem to reply...
  14. I've not got a clue how smartdots works, but if you have MX record access then in theory you could use a service like hotmail for domains and recreate the email there - after pointing your domain to their servers.
  15. Oh yeah :)
  16. I got an email off mojang regarding issues with my account...infact I've talked to Mojang alot of times :p I'm sure they'll get back to you in the coming days.
  17. Thank you Jack, just did my mine and feel safer already. :)
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  18. It was about a month ago
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  19. Is your email a hotmail one nfell? If it is then I recommend getting another email.
  20. When I couldn't remember my email for my Mojang account, I emailed them and it took them 2 months to reply...turns out I just get alot of emails a day it got put down about 5,000 messages and it took me 2 months to finally find it :p
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