warhammer 40k,warhammer,lotr (games workshop)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Arcaniax, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. hey all who plays warhammer 40k,warhammer,lotr (tablletop)
    i was wondering :)
    i play all :p
  2. i Sort of do sometimes :D
  3. what army's?
  4. Chaos Space Marines FTW
  5. Im a Newb to all the Points stuff because i started when i was like 11 then i quit now im just starting back up again so all this conversion stuff confuses me XD
  6. haha i play for 6 years now but i started with lotr
    and 1 thing i can say is that i got lotz of models

    and took a look at my models on dakka dakka
  7. i Just did they look pretty impressive and i used to do fantasy as dwarfs they were cool :)
  8. thx :) dwarfs are cool :)
  9. Tau and Necrons for life man (plus a couple of IG Steel Legion units). Haven't played for years though.

    I've also used a few of my units to make dioramas that I sold on E-bay :D
  10. Necrons are new now my bro got some :D
    you got some pics? and steel legion is awesome!