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  1. Meow
    So I found this epic game on steam that I can't stop playing. If you have this game you know what I mean. Also on steam if you are in stads group then you will see that I am always playing the game. For some reason it says I only played for 1.4 hours because only if you open the game with steam the time you play counts. #IDontReallyCare

    If you don't have this game I command you to get it or I will unleash my army of British planes on you.
    So he we will talk what planes are the best and if we want we can make a squad for us all.

    So I have been using the American planes, but they suck so I went into British because I like dogfighting and people recommended that British people have good dogfighting planes. So right now I have some good planes, I almost have the hurricane mk. I, it's almost done researching. So um yeah.
    This is the website for the game, you can probably download it from their website but I got it from steam.

    War thunder is a game where you are in planes and kill each other.
    Begin talking
  2. The stuff you post...
    I cant stop playing block fortress on the ipad