Wanting to relocate plot

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Swain0, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Hi

    Firstly wanted to say what a great minecraft server this is! I'm having a lot of fun on here and think it's managed brilliantly.

    I wanted to relocate my plot to 7066 as it's right by my friend's plot but I used the res/reset command when I should've used unclaim. It now says I have to wait 24hrs before I can unclaim so I was wondering if there was a way around this?

    Any help would be brilliant!

    Thanks again
  2. ask justin or jeremy to unclam it for you via conversation
  3. I'll do that, thanks a lot!
  4. no problem, any time :)
  5. hey i also wanted to relocate a plot so how to i contact the admin?
  6. There's commands inside the advanced command section on the guide page. I think it's something like /res unclaim

    Just don't do what I did, I did /res reset which you can only do once every 24hrs.
  7. FYI: It's impossible to move a whole residence to another location intact. To relocate, type /res unclaim, then I believe you must wait some time before claiming a new residence. Remember to take any resources you want to keep before you unclaim, for they'll all disappear if you don't move them off your residence.

    For future reference, the best way to contact Justin or Jeremy is by private message. Just press the "inbox" button at the top-right corner of the site and type "Justinguy" or "GamekribJeremy" in the participants section. :)