Wanting to buy sticky Pistons

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  1. About 48, with 96 repeaters. Makign some automatic melon farms for my res on 16007. Willing to buy in one big lot.
  2. I can provide these. What would you be willing to pay?
  3. No more than 80 per sticky piston and 5 per repeater. So around 5k
  4. Where do you get 3 smooth stone, 2 redstone torches and 1 redstone dust for only 5 rupees?
  5. Seeing as redstone sells for about half a rupee each, sticks are pretty much the easiest thing to make in bulk, and stone is just cobble from a furnace, and cobble is free with a generator, why would it be more than 5 rupees? Plus, I buy it from shops for that price.

    1 and a half rupees for the torches and dust, and you are tellign me that 1 smooth stone is 3 and a half rupees? Nahh.
  6. I'd like to know what server you're on, so I could move over there for the lower prices, because smp5 is just expensive for a lot of things.
  7. I've never sold redstone for more expensive than 2 for 1. Anything above that is a ripoff. And i would pay 16 for 32 smooth stone. Maybe 1 for 1 on it. But seeing a redstone drops one of the most in the game per block, I dont see why it would be expensive.
  8. I normally don't sell these, so I checked around for prices today. The 5k sounds fair to me. It's late here, so if you agree I'll start crafting them tomorrow morning.
  9. 5k is for all. I think my calculator came out to like 480 for the repeaters, and 3850 or so for the pistons. I got lazy and rounded it up to 5k.
  10. 5k for 48 sticky pistons and 96 repeaters sounds fair to me. Assuming you agree, I'll lay out the mats tonight and craft them in the morning(It's after 2AM here.).

    I'll set up a couple of chests for them at my friend's store, with an access sign for you to get to them. They'll be in the building behind the store on the left. SMP7 - Lot 14869.
  11. If you're still interested in these items please let me know. I'd like to either craft them or put the materials back.
  12. I am. I checked the chests a few minutes ago actually haha
  13. I'm sorry. I couldn't tell if you wanted them for sure. It should only take a few minutes.
  14. They're ready now. I'll be on for a little while more. If there's any problem with the way I've got the chests set up, let me know.