[WANTING] Medieval House Builders

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by WeirdManiac, May 3, 2015.

  1. So in our little outpost out in smp7, we desperately need more medieval house builders! So if you think you can build a bunch for us then come join us out here! You don't need to dedicate yourself to this project and if you would like, we can pay you to help build :) Just send me a PM if you would to come join us out here (We may ask for pics of your builds though)!

    If you have any questions, just post below!
  2. My company can do this
  3. Take a look at my res on SMP5...this is the style I build in and if you would like I can help with any build along those lines. Just let me know and I will be happy to build for you. Large or small is up to you.
  4. Check out one of my company members res' @10617
  5. lol...did not mean to start a building war. Just thought that a visual would be more helpful. Sounds like plenty of work for all interested.
  6. Im not trying to start a war just giving him a res to compare to yours :D
  7. rofl....all good. Your builds are awesome!! Do not think I am much competition for you. Mine are more simple...but sometimes simple is good too!
  8. Thanks. And yea, simple builds are sometimes better than others. Your builds are also good :D
  9. Thank you. Guess all we can do now is wait and see what shakes.
  10. Yup