[wanting] good builder

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  1. Hey guys i need someone to build me a iron golem farm. I can't even make a house. I'll pay someone 11000r if they make me a iron golem farm! thanks
  2. Too cheap.
  3. how much would you like for it then?:/
  4. How many chambers you want?
  5. Iron golem farms are Massive and require hours of labor. Granted, they pay themselves off fairly quickly if you choose to sell your profits, but are still ridiculous nonetheless. If you want a farm, I would recommend walking in one direction for about six hours, then building one yourself. Therefore, you will be the only one to know where it is and no one else may cut into production. There are plenty of YouTube Guides to help you on your way :)
  6. xD Ik but i still fail at making, And i want one for the whole community on s,mp5.