WANTED Villager that trades unbreaking 3 books.

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  1. If you have a villlager that trades unbreaking 3 books, I will pay 5k to use it forever.
  2. I've got one, but I assure, it would cost much more than 5k. More towards the 100k mark if I was even looking to let people use him. :)
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  3. The last person let me use it for free but the res was deleted.
  4. also, take in mind that sometimes (and you never know if and when it will happen), those librarians tend to change book type as more trading you do with them. On my own experience have lost that way couple of good ones for unbreaking and looting. So, 5k is definitely not worth giving an access in any case.
  5. Yeah you guys realize that they switch books every 10 or so trades?
  6. As in 10 single books? Because that's highly unlikely. I've done a few double chests with both my looting III and unbreaking III guy, and they still work.....
  7. You're extremely lucky, then.

    They break around 10-15 for me and switch.
  8. I assure you, you're just extremely unlucky, I've used quite a few other ones as well, and not once, have they broken after anywhere near 10 trades....
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  9. That's weird then.. I've used around 7 of those and most have ended around 10-15 and one went to 30.
  10. If the book is the first trade it lasts a lot longer than any other (except the last one)
    Is it the first trade or a trade somewhere in the middle? If it's the first trade then I guess you have no luck with villager trading :3
  11. I did not know this, thank you. This explains what happened to my smite 5.
  12. So anyways will someone let me use a unbreaking 3 book trading villager for 5k, despite what ninjaboy said about it being worth 100k?
  13. I wasn't meaning to put any offers down or anything, but, a villager with unbreaking III books is quite valuable and can be used to earn loads of rupees. ;)
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  14. I think it's worth a lot of money too. However I don't have a lot of money so that's why I need an offer 5k. I'm not sure i'm gonna get one though.:(
  15. The cheapest then for you is to get some villager eggs, stick, paper and put time and effort in spamming villagers.
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  16. Your probably right even though I've done it for a week with no results
  17. Because enchanting books as a trade has a low chance of showing up, the best way is to spawn a librarian and grind through the trades until you find it and do it like that, you'll eventually make profit just not as much.
  18. Well... I guess I'm committing 8 hours of my life to boredom... If only someone could of let me use theirs..
  19. I used to have one in 1.3 or so, but it despawned!
  20. Haxxor.