- WANTED - Tales of Athenia

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  1. - WANTED -

    Tales of Athenia
    R 0,000,000

    Crime : He(She) Ran away from me and didnt com back
    More than 1 month.
    Due to it worth 300k+ , Do not kill him/her lf you find.

    Last seen : in my item frame
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  2. Do you mean tales of eternia?

    This item is worth aroud 1.3m nevermind 300k. You should never hand something so valuable to someone you don't trust. If you haven't already i'd shoot a pm over to staff with proof of the case. Got to admit it seems strange you bring this up a month after if supposedly happened.
  3. Nah. DONT report it. Just my fault :p
    Maybe l lost it when l took it in my frame
  4. I was not aware of any book growing legs (or a rocket) and running away. Nor was I aware of them being animine objects, capable of being killed. Nor was I aware of books having gender.
    Oh the irony.
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  5. Tales of Eternia, you meant?
    And 0,000,000r?
    Thread should be in Products also... :/
  6. is this a buy thread or just a discussion.
  7. From what i gathered he is trying to make us find and return his lost book.
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  8. Also to not kill it and don't let it run away again.
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  9. Am I right that he is looking for the player that stole this book?
  10. I don't think it got stolen. Probably chunk error and it bugged out of the frame - similar to FDNY's incident a while ago.
  11. What FDNY incident
  12. FDNY had a chunk full of item frames in his museum that had their items disappear.
  13. Wow that's horrible didn't he close it down or was that another person
  14. He did. Aikar restored the chunk and it was reopened.
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  15. As Haro said, it was a chunk that went missing, nobody else's fault :) Aikar said it was an entity bug but it's all restored now!

    As for this thread... What? :confused: If you're buying one, put it in products, if you lost it due to a bug, PM Aikar, if you lost it due to stealing, PM other staff :)