[WANTED] Staff/Moderator Heads!

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  1. PRISM Enterprises is looking for
    players that would like to donate any of their
    Staff/Moderator Heads that they may have.
    We prefer if they would just be donated by we
    can buy them but at a reasonable price.
    If you are interested just comment below or
    contact Kissthenerd via ingame or message
    Thank you again for helping us grow!
  2. I know that 5weety does head swaps.
    I also believe that Jackbiggin sells his head for 10k.
  3. Thanks :]
  4. I have almost every staff head and doubles. (Expect 3)
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  5. Jackbiggin isnt a mod, if I am correct
  6. Im pretty sure this is how it works,
    AZHamster-Not sure
    Alexchance-Not sure
    Zegridathes-Not sure
    Rainbowchin- Used to swap
    Maxarias-Not possible.
    Krysyy-Buy from another player
    Bigdavie-Buy from another player
    Artemis-Not sure
    Bonzd67-Not sure
    Ninjaboy5656-Not sure
    B4Damn5imon-Not sure
    Drewradio-Not sure
    XxvexenxX-Only to museums, 1 per SMP
    These are all from what I had happen to myself, how I acquired my collection.
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  8. Torian42's head is not just rare, it's 2mil r rare.
    Also, I hand mine out at random, and I will always give it out for a pvp fight.
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  9. He isnt any more
  10. I have yours due to being kind and helping you not die in the wilderness and I want to thank you for that :]
  11. Bumpy Bumpy roads :D
  12. Bump Le Bump Bump
  13. PM with a list of staff heads you still need.;)
  14. done :D
  15. I has a Rainbowchin head. but it's mine
  16. lol