[WANTED] Mob Farm Builders! Build Farms Earn Money!

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  1. Hello EMC Folk

    You may know that I have a business called the Ironic-Sword Farm Building (service). However due to the number of orders I've decided I can't fill them all on my own so I want to hire 3 full time farm builders (one per server) with a 10th (gold supporter or higher) Part time to fill orders on utopia. Basic Ironic Kit is Provided! Any Questions do feel free to ask!

    What you're Entitled to:

    Any materials you require from me to build the farm (you get container on my farm building res /v 5282) At this time I have limited materials so you may have to source your own (I'll pay for them),
    75% of Paying Price on farms you build.
    35% of Paying Price if you Built the farm with someone else.

    The Application Form:

    Alternate accounts:
    Which Server do you want to work on?:
    Will you do as you're told?:
    Have you ever been banned or kicked (be honest)?:
    If you've being banned or kicked why?:


    CEO of Ironic-Sword Inc.
  2. Bump i need the help, you want the money!