[WANTED] Mini-Modern House w/ TPs

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  1. Hello EMC!

    I'm looking a builder who can build a Mini-Modern house. If you don't know a good design for it look on Youtube. It's your friend :D.

    I will look at your background with me, as well as how many days you've been on.

    If you want this job, please reply to this thread saying about how much money you have (for my reference) and how many days you've been on EMC (can be found by doing "/p [your username]".

    I will select a builder, and if you are selected you will need to bring lots of glass and quartz blocks and slabs.

  2. How much will you pay? If we have to supply materials, the cost will be a lot more, and would probably be made slower...
  3. I dunno... I don't have a lot.
    Maybe 1k-5k? Depending on how it looks
  4. You may want to pay more than 5k. I'd imagine you want this made of quartz - the material cost will exceed 50k, probably closer to 100k. Quartz goes quicker than you might think.

    If you pay for materials, select a design, and pay a lot more than 5k I would consider building it for you. For now, try posting your job here: http://TINYurl.com/EMCJobHUb :)
  5. I'd do it for 7.5k if you supplied the materials.
    I'm pretty sure this is the design he wants:
  6. I really can't afford the materials...
  7. Actually, I just want 2 rooms: one for me and one for TPs when someone comes into my res.
    It doesn't have to be so grand like the one in the video.
  8. Then how about this?
  9. I recently had a similar issue myself. I solved the issue with white glass and stone slabs. /smp4 /v kevmeup
    If you can use a fair amount of stained glass in build instead of quartz you'll save a ton. Other cheaper options are white wool or snow. You can do high ceilings with snow without noticing. You can also cover jack o lanterns on the floor with white carpet for a bright well lit clean look.

    Hopefully this gives you some ideas.
  10. Thanks!
    I was thinking about using white wool myself.
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  11. As a substitute for quartz, I used snow. It worked very well and had the same feel to it.
  12. IMO, snow > white wool. Snow just feels more natural.
  13. Doesn't snow melt???
  14. Nope! Snowcaps do, but not snow blocks. :)
  15. Okay!
    Thanks. Where can I get snow xD
  16. If you use snow instead of Quartz, can you do the job for 1-5k?
  17. The 7.5k would be for the service. It would cost even more if I provided the materials.
  18. Awww, please?
  19. I might have to build it myself...