Wanted: Mall Suppliers for TheKutesyKiraboo's Mall

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  1. Hello EMC Players, I have recently invested my time, money, and materials into a mall. Its not too mega but neither is it too small. I plan is too sell everything, to the point where I made a list of all the items I am going to sell with the prices on them (which was found by going to 3 peoples shops and adding the prices together, and then dividing by 3). Now, as I go around to other players mall or mega shops, I see that alot of people are not their own supplier, so in my mind I wonder "Am I doing something wrong if I supply my own materials?" I noticed that on smp2 /v +poof was not her own supplier. It made me wonder, then who supply's all of her materials and where do I get people like that. Since then I have thought about doing a thread asking for suppliers.

    If you would love to supply me with something for my mall here are some requirements:

    1. You must stick with your material, you can always add another one to your supply but if there is a problem, please get a hold of me, because I need to know that.

    2. You will get paid when you deliver the goods, please don't ask to be paid.

    3. Once you tell me what you will supply you are added to a list on my res.

    4. Depending on the item I may need shipments of alot, this means I could need a supply of something every week, or just once a month, I will give you the details when or if you club out your item. (I again am selling about everything that is gettable on EMC)

    If ANY of this sounds like something that would be enjoyable to you, please PM me on the forums and let me know, I will have a list posted on a different page on my profile. Also if you don't want to supply anything but just want to donate, that if welcome too! Anything is wanted! :D

    -Thank You, Kira :) My mall (smp8 TheKutesyKiraboo-2)