[Wanted/Hiring] Need Workers ASAP

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  1. Hey EMC!

    I've decided to create a few jobs and give some players some odd jobs to do! So the first job will be converting sugarcane to paper, you will receive 50r for each SC you convert! (Keep in mind you will get the occasional bonus for good work!)

    My second job is getting someone to make me an infinite EXP villager, I will pay for your expenses plus 1000r.

    If you can perform these jobs comment below and you will be hired! I need about 5 - 10 Sugarcane to Paper workers and one EXP villager maker.

  2. Your EXP villager payment is way low. Most go for 20k with the materials supplied by you.
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  3. You mean exp bottles? I'd make one for a flat 25k (I supply).
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  4. ^ This is what I meant
  5. Ill do the villager if you need someone
  6. I can convert sugarcane to paper for you.
  7. Your hired
    How much will you both charge?