[WANTED] DC of Quartz Blocks & DC of Nether Bricks

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  1. Looking to buy a DC of Quartz Blocks & a DC of Nether Bricks for a reasonable price. :) I do not own a mall or shop, so will not be reselling these. They will be used as building materials only for my land out in the frontier.

    If anyone has these and would like sell them, I would greatly appreciate it. :)
  2. Bump! Still looking to buy. :)
  3. Bump! Still looking to buy a DC of Nether Quartz Blocks & Nether Bricks. :cool:
  4. I have 3 DCs of Netherbricks mate, shout out a price.. negotiations can begin :)
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  5. I almost have a DC of quartz blocks. I don't know what they would go for though.
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  6. DC of quartz blocks are worth 120-130k.
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  7. Thanks for replying kanos108 and Lockdown32, very much appreciated; however, I already now have a DC of Quartz Blocks and Netherbricks. :)
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