[WANTED] Calling all horse breeders

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  1. I'm wanting to collect horse, donkey and llama heads. I really am not breeding much these days, so I'm hoping that anyone who is breeding right now to share with me your /trash. Instead of throwing away all of your useless eggs, would you please consider donating them to me?

    I've set up some access chests in utopia at /v +hegg. (horse eggs= hegg)

    Please do drop off your horse/donkey/llama eggs in any of the chests.

    Please do not fill up the chests with all your other trash! One person's trash is another person's treasure and all that, but I'm just looking for eggs.

    Thank you all to anyone who is willing to share!


    P.S. Post a screenshot of you dropping off your eggs and there might be a reward for any big donors!

  2. You're a few months to late for me to help out significantly.. I reset my res a while back and had 30+ dc of nothing but junk horse eggs.. I didn't want to save them so they got deleted.. I might be able to help a little bit still...
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  3. dropped off about 2 dc of eggs
  4. #HorsesLivesMattetToo! Lol but I’ll drop off my junk horses later on tonight, got a few dc of them :)
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  5. Thank you AncientTower and OriginalScuf! This will be a great start...let's keep it rolling!
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  6. Update: I've used up all the eggs so far. That's almost 3 DCs. Almost 160 eggs. So far 1 head!

  7. Welp turns out I have a lot of vaults with a lot of horse eggs :cool:

    Anything for the Chum's Of the Magical Miners <3
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  8. Hey all, I just wanted to give an update. So far I've had about 6 or 7 DCs donated of horse and other eggs. This only produced 2 white horse heads. But I've started a breeding campaign of all color horses and even a few donkeys. It's time consuming but it produced one dark brown and one gray horse head.

    Anyway...if anyone still wants to contribute, I made it easier to drop off eggs. I replaced the access signs with hoppers. So you can just use the 'q' button directly from your vault. There are enough hoppers there that you can just go through pages and clear out your vaults pretty fast.

    Thank you again to AncientTower and OriginalScuf for the donations and as soon as I get into extras, I'll mail each of you a head!
  9. after I get the main part of my res done I should be able to donate a couple more dc's cause I'll start breeding my fast horses again. Glad you got a few :) and thank you for the update!
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  10. Let's bump this up. I've almost got all colors of the horses, but I still have no donkey head and not llama heads. Feel free to donate and be sure to post a pick of you dropping off, so I can shoot you a reward! OriginalScuf and AncientTower now have been rewarded!
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  11. Aww! I was out of town, but I'll go 'process' these asap. Thank you!
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