Want to play Tekkit?

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  1. Please note that hamachi is needed, because my IP likes to be port-forwarded, but not becoming a static IP.

    So, I started a Tekkit server. I'm just testing out how much memory my server has. It has lockette, and BOSEconomy, with more stuff coming soon. I'm accepting 2 more members, I have 2 of my friends and my brother coming on there.

    You will need hamachi.

    So, who wants to join? If you're accepted, i'll bring you into a PM and share the network password and name.
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  2. I guess I'll have a try. Never played Tekkit.
  3. I would, if it wasn't Hamachi, since it doesn't work on my computer. :(
  4. That thing hasn't been working since April 0-0 You sure there isn't a fix? Try uninstalling and reinstalling?
  5. Tried that 9002 times :(
  6. Have you looked up a fix on YouTube?
  7. yes please! yes please! yes please! i wannnnnna play!! :D
  8. You're in :)
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  9. i'm bouncing with happiness!
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  10. I wanna play too!!
  11. ITS OVAR 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  12. Hamachi doesn't work for no reason. Great.
  13. I would join but one already working on my own tekkit server about to go public and two himatchi doesn't work on Linux :(