Want to make 10k?

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  1. On Wednesday I will be leaving for a vacation. I am currently on a voting streak as well.
    Why I posted this thread is because from October 9th to October 14th I will need someone to vote for me so that I can maintain my streak. Reply to this thread if you are interested in voting for me everyday between then. You only need to vote once every day for me.
    I will pick the person to do it for me from this thread in around 15 hours.

    Notice: if you miss ANY of the days and my streak is ended you will not be paid at all!
  2. Any website you want or all of them?
    I'll do it
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  3. I prefer they are the websites for the top 5 contest, but any website works
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  4. I'll do it
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  5. Who's doing it then?
    We could both vote on different ones incase the other forgets :p
  6. I'm fine with that :D
    I will pay you both 6,000 Rupees if you do that for me
  7. Yeah, we can vote on different sites
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  8. You do Minecrftservers.org
    And I do

  9. Okay! Voted today
  10. Money is sent!
  11. Thanks ^_^
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