Want to live in Smp9 without a res :D ????

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by QuilliamPenn, Apr 5, 2012.


Do you want to live here?

Yes that sound AWESOME :D 8 vote(s) 72.7%
Nah its not really for me 3 vote(s) 27.3%
  1. Creeper Hotel and Resorts has opened up at the BRAND spankin new server SMP9
    We are located at 18016 :D
    We sell/rent out Apartments and Condos
    Hurry down because our rooms are filling fast :D
  2. yea pics and how much is rent per month
  3. Can u just buy and not pay rent
  4. I'd like the last medium sized room, please, or a bigger one if you plan to build more or if one comes vacant.

    Like, how much to buy that whole empty room up top?