Want to join my Building Team?

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  1. Im starting my own Building team of 10 skilled builders! were on a series of projects! mostly on smp4! our first project is a midevil mall and then a hotel and then so on and so forth! once we start making money from our first build as a team and get to know each other i will start sending out really wages! Im hoping to have a dedicated team that loves to build and wants have fun! if you think youve get what it takes to join arrowhead builds just message me it should be aload of fun with
    if youre in to it and/or a good builder just feel free to message me! but until ill be herewaiting for those people! see you soon! one of my builds right here : beach house.jpg
  2. Kinda off topic but I found it funny how the only punctuation you used was an exclamation point, you seem very excited about this :p
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  3. lol ya i really love building and im looking for people for to share my experience with but ya ia m very excited! if you like to build you can join if youd like! you seem like a nice person!
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  4. The excitement continues.. :p
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