Want to buy skin

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  1. Hi guys

    I wish to have a skin made for me that only I wear.
    If I love it,You will get 2000rupees,If I like it,1000,If I say,Good enuff,600....
    The skin should look like TealĀ“c in Stargate SG1.
    Google it,I want him to wear this one with the metallic...



    Thank you
  2. Nobody?Really?
  3. It may take some time.... just keep checking in, Also looking on the internet you may find a skin of him :)
  4. Anyone remember of the name of the guy that used to advertise on, eh, somewhere, who did Custom skins?

    I can't remember the name of the site now. I think it might have been Planet Minecraft.

    You should check on there!