Want to Buy! Diamond Ore

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  1. Hey guys, A friend and I want to buy some diamond ORE not sure if anyone can sell it cheap (less than 120r each) but still willing to ask. We may buy up to 1 stack maybe more (depends on price).
  2. $7560 for a stack?
  3. I can do at min 8k for a stack, deal?
  4. Umm I'm $440 cheaper:confused:
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  5. Hey, nice bro!
    Maybe he needs more than 1 stack, who knows :)
    *also, you are selling for his max price already, what's the difference?*
  6. Point taken.;)

    Terry I have multiple stacks.
  7. I yeah right now I only need half a stack but will grab more as I get more cash.
  8. $3780 for your half stack.:)
  9. I'll come pick up this Saturday is that alright? BTW did you get your pickaxe?
  10. 19000 on smp9. I believe herbrin3 sells at 100-110r each diamond ore. He always has bulk too.
  11. What he lowered his prices?? Last time I checked they were like 140 each 0-0
  12. Yes I did, thank you. I will set up a chest for you on my res smp4 8981. If you do find it cheaper let me know, and there will be no hard feelings. :)
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  13. Yeah Thanks :) Prices on this ore seem to fluctuate!
  14. Yup, consodering you have to find legit diamonds to obtain it :p
  15. Very true! But I'm saying it fluctuates, not the fact that they are expensive.
  16. Bulk!!!! HOW unless someone is selling diamond ores at a cheaper price.....:)
  17. buy at smp9 19333 we have a stack and half in stock u can fast buy 16x4