Want to buy a Enchanted Pickaxe

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by tclementi1, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Me and RooRocks want to buy these following enchants for a diamond pickaxe
    1: SilkTouch Unbreaking Efficiency-must have unbreaking
    2: 2 pickaxes that have Unbreaking and Efficiency

    Let us know as soon as possible thanks

    -tclementi1 & RooRocks
  2. Anyon shave anyone of these we nee the silk touch the most
  3. I have an Unbreaking III Efficiency V Diamond Pickaxe for sale at 5353 on Utopia.
  4. yeah we nee silktouch on it
  5. Try dubzy1 smp2
  6. silk touch, unbreaking 3, and efficiency 4
    I am selling that for 20k
  7. ill take it
  8. I have a cheaper one, for 16,5k silk, ubr3, eff3
  9. i might take that one instead just keep it on hold
  10. Somoenes never heard of the community marketplace :)