Want more then one residence.

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  1. Keeped the header a bit open, so there room for reply.
    I have the feeling its good to have 2 residence. i like the one still on smp5. but need one on smp9.
    So i can move the smp9 or find a way to get extre residence.

    But whats the best whats, especially with the upcomeing changes.
  2. You can buy a gold membership to get the perks and have a second residence. You can also pay $30 for a voucher that can be redeemed for another residence. If you just want to switch, unclaim the one on smp5 and move to smp9.
  3. Same as above:

    Gold Membership
    Pay senior staff to move res. Costs 150k.
  4. Under the new system, players will have the ability to 'earn' additional residences through voting and tokens. Work on getting your vote streak up to take advantage of this when it becomes available.
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  5. What vote streak are we talking here?