Want do win 1500 r?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by honam1021, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. How to win:
    1. Sign up at here
    2. You will receive a PM email with your username and password
    3. Sign in and upload a tutorial/machine info to the database.
    4. Done!

    1500 r
    Diamond pick
    Sandstone (2 stacks)
    Signs (5)

    If I got 15 players to sign up I start the lucky draw
  2. Um wat do U mean?
  3. Sorry for bad english,I have edited the post to make it easlier to understand
  4. Do I get something for being the first to sign up ?
  5. Nope,I will use a random nunber generator to pick players to get one of the prize listed above
  6. Don't forget to upload a tutorial to the database,otherwise you will not win
  7. Tutorial? Does this need to be video?
  8. It can be a image,a pdf/word file or a video
  9. no problem man :)
  10. From now on I will send your login details via email instead of PM,check your mailbox!