Want cool signature? Free GFX

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  1. You rike my sig? won luckee d00d gitss fr33 gfx just post sum infoh on how u want it and eye will make it. lots of details plxxxx I r board.
  2. Okay Terr is the name, I want a square earth minecraft thingy floating in a black void!

    EDIT: With a zombie standing on the top! Doesn't have to be to scale!
  3. I think you know my name... :)

    I want something with a bunches of piggehs please. I am willing to pay 100r because this is a smart way to gain peoples lovehness. :D

    Edit: I like Pigs, Basketball, and Smiley faces. :D
  4. Biscuitboy5396 I like Minecraft, The NY Giants, Football, and Biscuits. and giving money to Cypher
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  5. Omeletrice
    「小朋友妳喜歡吃糖嗎? 叔叔給妳一些, 來跟叔叔回家吧!」
    (This is a formal greeting to children ;D)



    Yes. Perfect color combination with no implications whatsoever c:
  6. your....Scary....

    But awesome.
  7. Google Translate.... "The kids you like candy? Uncle to give you some to go home with his uncle!"
  8. I'm still monitoring this thread. Haven't forgotten. Just waiting to see what inspires me... or when people give up posting. Hahaha.
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  9. I'm Bobalek I like the color green. I love redstone. And it could have my res numbers Castle @ 6031 and Sears Tower @ 6324.
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  10. i want it saying DP in the middle and surrounded by popcorn and spiders like this *-*-*-*

    DP "in gold" and DP in like if it just fell into the popcorn with spiders :D
    under DP my res num(6651)

    i made an illustration but, something went, wrong. Yeah.
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  11. Nole972 in middle with gir and mini moose around it top space and bottom space say top:kingdom in light blue bottom: hearts in silver (light grey:
  12. hmmm.. Put Waffle in middle with yellowish tan particles surrounding it

    Waffles laying randomly in the backround scattered..

    in right corner or in 2 top corners put: smp1 then 2027

    I could do this myself but I am super lazy.. What photo editor do you use my good man?

    Gimp ftw
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  13. Ha. Waffles. I use Photoshop CS5 Extended. I have CS6... but... My laptop doesn't use it so well ATM.
  14. Fading White to light blue to dark blue to black across left to right with a cartoon biscuit in the middle. Boy in White in the bottom righthand corner and Represent in Black in the top left corner.
  15. Some details aren't necessary. Cartoon biscuit- I can work with.
  16. Is mine workable with? Piggehs, basketball smiley faces?
    I would love a pig with a smiley face slam dunking. I would be your bff. :D
  17. I have decided to make Biscuitboy5396 a graphic. Thanks for all the replies. If you want to see what I make I'll post it here after I'm done.

    And Biscuitboy5396; I can't promise it too soon. But maybe within several hours.
  18. Congrats biscuit. I hope you get an awesome signature. :)
    Edit: congrats crumpet, as you told me...
  19. I seriously read this in an Asian accent :| I'm horrible.
  20. At first i thought he was scooby doo. :p
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