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  1. Hi:)
    I need help to dig out almost my whole residence all the way down to the bedrock.
    If you want to help you can, if you want to do it for rupees you can. Tell me in this thread if your interested:)
  2. Sorry, I already got some who will help me. Sorry..
  3. No problemo
  4. You have help but don't want MORE help? Mmkay....
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  5. Kind of... he's a friend and has a good price for it;)
  6. But she/he maybe got a good price to
  7. I was just going to volunteer lol
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  8. :D
  9. I need more workers! Tell me in this thread if you're interested.
  10. I went to your res on smp1 and saw the progress. I guess I can help. I have a unbreaking 3 efficiency 4 spade.
  11. Me! How bout 50r!!!


    Never mind about what I said
  12. :(
  13. There's this thing called the "Edit" button below your posts... you know that right?
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  14. I can ask Noobman64's brother if he wants to help. He LOVES digging so much. (My utopia res had to be reset cause he dug too many holes xD)