Wanna Trade heads?

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  1. So yesterday at the pumpkin match i got 30+ of my head trying to get into the pumpkin.
    So does anyone wanna trade heads?
    Yours for mine?

    If you don't have your head or don't want to trade you can buy mine from me!
    I have a shop sign set up at 1547!
    Their 10k each but my head is important to me :)
    As i kinda need it to function :p

    Why am i doing this?

    Recently about 1 month about I bought 3 DC's of heads from EvKem and just yesterday i kinda got a rush to expand that collection a bit more :)
    I feel like everyone has a little collector in them and my niche is heads
    What are you waiting for trade me! :)
  2. Sure, i'll mail you my head when I come on.
  3. If you like ill give you my head. But i would like it if you kept it to yourself and not sell it :)
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  4. ill take one of ur heads

    as for this thread, sorry all my heads are in my possesion, and i'd like to keep it that way
  5. I'll give you my head when im in town.
  6. yay :D
  7. ill mail you one back when i get on
    ill mail you one of mine when i get on and im making my collection bigger and not selling :)
  8. you can buy them form one of the chest in my shop at 1547 :)
  9. Sorry guys i havent been able to get on today my buddy went in for heart surgery i will get you your heads later tonight or in the morning
  10. sory guys real life got in the way im sending out heads now