Wanna earn 5000 rupees + full diamond armor? Check this thread...

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    So, what i want "you" to do is:
    * Make me a FULLY AUTOMATIC melon farm (just press a button or two)
    As the title says: 5000 rupees and FULL diamond armor to the person who can do me the job...
    The space you are gonna make it in are: 59 x 38 and its 12 high. It's underground at /v 8900 at smp4.

    I will provide materials ofcourse, but i got problems to get myself melon seeds.....

    2012-04-30_20.26.08.png 2012-04-30_20.26.15.png -Owned_emil99 - Have a nice day.... PM me if you know someone who can make it, or if you want to make it ... :)

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  2. Ill do it. If noone else can do it exept me, ill be happy. I will do it now
  3. I will do this. Can I do it tomorrow?

    I have one on SMP1 from ground to sky limit, gets 74 stacks of melon slices per harvest.
  4. What's the Res number?
  5. 1505. You will have to go to a res near it as you cannot get out of the spawn room.
  6. I can make it, get online and il do it. but i need flags and items.
  7. Today is your lucky day... I just finished a fully automatic farm generating aprox. 200 melons per growth cycle (fully auto push of one button.) If you give me some time tomorrow/ tonight I should be able to make it pretty fast (I'll do it for 3k if you give me the materials I need.
  8. y you making it soo big mine does 10 and gives about 50 slices and it re grows in like 2 mins
  9. I'll do it
  10. With some experimentation I might be able to make it without pushing a button