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  1. Hello EMC'ians! Today I have some really exciting news! I am making computer-made avatars and wallpapers for people! I'd like to start business for EMC creating those wallpapers. When I create a wallpaper, the most time you will have to wait is up to a week to get your wallpaper or avatar. Please private message me if you have any questions. And the best part is, it's free! You don't have to pay rupees, tokens, or anything!

    To get an avatar, or wallpaper, please fill in the form below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1MCj68r9PsCEyRLdl6by28NnSDr74_j31g8wFgeTvQEA/

    I hope you like my business! Have a nice day :)


    Here's an example of one I made:
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  2. i would like an avatar of a frog :p
    something nice and cool like i have right now
    i dont know how to wright that all down in your form sorry D:
    could you do it?
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  3. RIP thread.
    These "signatures" and "wallpapers" aren't custom anyways, so if you want something truly unique and not from the couple of pre-made poses, you'll have to find an actual 3D modeler or graphics designer.

    Otherwise, just make them yourself at novaskin.me/wallpaper.