Walking Dead

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  1. Wow! Just wow!
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  2. A tv series about zombies. It just got intense.
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  3. Cleary season 2 is waaay better then season 1, more zombies and drama >:)
  4. This thread is random LOL!
    (guess that's why it's in miscellaneous)
  5. The Walking Dead. FTW D:
  6. lol How is it hilarious? xP
  7. The disease... it has changed.
  8. It must be airborne, and Shane? I would have never thought he would have died. I think the writers have dice and each character is represented by a number. When they roll the dice and it's your number you die on the show. If it's no one’s number everybody lives another week. It seems odd to have two main characters die back to back.
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  9. thats still going.......AWESOME!