Wager Horse Racing!

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  1. Wager horse racing! What is it? Well, It's something I've decided to start hosting (and participating in myself!)

    Basically, on my res (5229 utopia) I have a very large horse race track with very few long stretches of land, its a racetrack that relies on the players skill in controlling their horse to make it to the finish line in one piece in first place! The race track has many obsticals and very rough terrain, so it can even help you in using horses efficiently in the wild!

    Now to how this all actually works. Both players make a bet, that being for this example, 5k. Each player pays in 5k to the host (usually me). I will supply horses with exact same stats (Dashers, one spotted and one striped), giving players ride permissions to the horses. The prize pool in this scenario will be 9k (The host takes 10%), and the players race around the track, with the winner taking the 9k prize pool.

    Thats basically it, its simple, shoot me a pm in game or on the forums if you'd like me to host a race for you with some friends, or if you like, you can challenge me to a race! (I'll probably accept because I have nothing better to do :p) Do note that in a race against me the prize pool is still -10% because we will need another player to host (countdown, opening gate) and in that case they will take the 10% of our bets. In the case that there is no host and we just countdown amongst eachother, the prize will not lost the 10%, but this is not really effective because it doesn't prevent one player from getting a head start since the gate must be kept down.

    Good luck racers!

    Note to staff, I'm not 100% sure if this is allowed in a way that gambling would be allowed due to the odds of winning not really having completely provable odds and it being based off of skill, so I'd consider this a challenge instead of a casino game.
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  2. Non biased review: MrAdazahi provides a secure, fun, and friendly environment to set up some horse races. He provides decimal for decimal equal horses, and has a amazing track, filled with redstone. Advanced shortcuts and, teleports building a large skill gap that is fun, and entertaining to watch races play out. The host of each race takes only 10% of the collective bets, which is more than fair provided this is practically whenever he's online, which is most of the time. And bear in mind that with most other tracks you don't know if your bet is safe with the host. Every part about this is 10/10 Ps: was supposed to sound like a infomercial but fr though its an amazing service and fun way to bet without pure luck. :D